Homebrew Who?

HomeBrew Den, a family-owned company, opened its doors in 1993. Why? Because local homebrewers John Larsen and Sarah Bridegroom wanted to serve other homebrewers and winemakers with quality ingredients and supplies. They also wanted to deliver friendly and knowledgeable service, a fair price, and create a fun, welcoming place to shop.

John, Sarah, their Labrador Retriever Roscoe, and HomeBrew Den became friendly fixtures in the Cottages of Lake Ella of Tallahassee. With time, they were fortunate enough to need additional space, so their growth took them to their current home in the Market District of the city.

We're not about liquidating inventory, moving widgets, or getting the lowest-possible bargain. We're about providing value to the community and to our customers, delivering a reliable source for quality products and services, and a sustainable economic model for all.

Community Outreach

Since we opened our doors, we've been committed to contributing to our community in various ways.

We volunteer time on community councils, non-profit boards, and social service organizations. We also volunteer time and service to beer and wine organizations, homebrew clubs, and professional industry organizations like the American Homebrewers Association and Beer Judge Certification Program.

Programs, groups and boards
We serve on municipality advisory groups and administer in-store programs like food drives, animal shelter supply drives and pet-adoption promotion. We also partner with other family-owned businesses for services like organic farming, construction, and facility maintenance.

We continually participate in continuing education, product research, homebrew competitions, and professional industry associations.

We support over 50 nonprofit and charitable organizations representing the arts, environmental advocacy, consumer protections, animal rights and social service. Visit our News & Events page and follow us on Facebook for info about our philanthropy.

Environmental Stewardship

HomeBrew Den follows the traditional adage of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Ecologically friendly packing programs
We use a combination of biodegradable, reusable, compostable and low-energy impact packing materials. We recycle, and our packing includes products made of post-recycled content.

Energy Use Programs
We use Energy Star-rated appliances. We also provide water conservation education to our customers and employ our own water recycling.

On site and in store eco-programs
Our in-store cork-recycling program encourages the growth of products made with recycled cork material. We stock products made with eco-friendly manufacturing processes and build partnerships with other businesses using eco-friendly processes, like organic farming, organic cleaners and recycled content store fixtures. We also provide customer education about composting and reusing waste products from beer and wine making.